Hello, friends!

We just pushed out an awesome update. It is available from July 31, 2017. Here is a short list of the primary new features and enhancements:

  1. Renko charts have been added.
  2. The Smart Dom performance has been significantly improved. The CPU load is sharply reduced two- to three-fold.
  3. The option to show/hide empty price levels has been added to the general Smart DOM settings.
  4. A new system of updates has been implemented. Now, when upgrading, only the part of the program you need to update will be downloaded. It allows to speed up ATAS update process. In the main window (at the bottom right) a notification with information about new updates has been added . It allows to get informed about new versions of the program promptly. From now on there is no need to restart the platform to get this information. Also, when you are offered to update directly from the interface of the ATAS platform, a list of all the changes included in the update will be displayed.
  5. We have switched over to a new versioning policy. A new versioning scheme: X.Y.Z, where X is incremented when we significantly restructure the software. Y is incremented when we add new functionality and Z is incremented for bug fixes / minor non-structural updates to existing features.
  6. The ATAS logging system has been improved. Now you can specify the level of logging directly from the platform interface. This feature will allow you to quickly obtain logs needed in case of any errors.
  7. The Pivots Indicator has been updated with m5, m10, m15, m30 and h4 time frames.
  8. In the alerts section of the horizontal line settings a new option has been added. It allows to control the visibility of the alert icon.
  9. In most technical indicators, the Show Description option has been added, which allows to control the visibility of the indicator name.
  10. In the Trades section of the chart’s trading settings, the option to specify separate colors for buy and sell markers has been added.
  11. The graphical tool “Channel” added.
  12. BTK Chart has been added. It is another modification of a Range chart. The BTK candles are built by a great math formula that makes an optimum filter of the “market noise”. Unfortunately, under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), we cannot disclose the principles their authors have put into building these. There are a few unique parameters that make those charts different from a classic range chart. Main features and benefits:
    • “Mutable” charts depending on the market volatility
    • Eliminate and clarify noise
    • More understandable charts
    • Can be used for scalping or swing trading
    • Helpful with trend detection