Update to v3.51 (βeta)

This version of the ATAS platform is the pre-release beta version and is used to test fixed bugs and become familiar with the new features. ​

New features:

  • The server OCO orders for CQG accounts are supported now. This means that now OCO orders  will be stored remotely on servers near the CQG exchange and it is no longer required to keep your computer turned on for their work. Besides, this innovation has a positive impact on the rate of orders cancellation in the execution  one order of OCO group.
  • The information window with the indicator values appears on when the mouse pointer hovers over the specific indicator.
  • The minimize option in the Delta indicator is added.
  • The highlight option for number of transactions, time, delta (positive and negative), Bid and Ask besides maximum value is added to the Market Profile drawing object and indicator.
  • When the mouse pointer hovers over the “arrow” of transactions on the history more information about transaction is displayed.
  • There is a possibility to set the price level in the horizontal line settings.
  • The option of transformation of vertical lines is added to the chart visual settings, which improves the quality of visual perception in the cluster chart mode.
  • The “Behind chart” option is added for all drawing objects.


  • The optimization for cache storage of charts was made.
  • The visual optimization of high-loaded charts was made.
  • The work of OCO orders in ChartTrader module was simplified. Now you do not need to enter the name of the OCO group, just press the OCO button and put 2 orders (same as in the Smart DOM).
  • Reduced the step of chart scaling using the time axis.
  • The name of indicator is added to the description of indicators when you hold Ctrl button and hover the mouse pointer over  the indicator markers (for example, ClusterSearch, BigTrades).
  • Was increased allowable time for auto-center interval in SmartDOM.

Bug fixing:

  • An error in the logs that occurs when drawing objects is outside the visible area of the chart.
  • An error of displacement drawing objects when loading Workspace / Snapshot is fixed.
  • Incorrect auto-center function when switching between instruments after the disconnection with  CQG / Rithmic trading servers.
  • Was fixed orders placement  of exit strategies by moving the manually placed order and filling it (closing the position).
  • Was fixed caching error of the last bar on the daily chart.
  • The VAL&VAH calculation in the online mode of Market Profile drawing object was updated.
  • The calculation of the maximum value of the current day in the indicator Maximum Levels.
  • A BigTrades indicator not displaying at all when market are closed.
  • Was fixed unexpected order placement during fast moving graphics with the mouse on the time axis (with enabled the trading from the chart option).​
  • And other minor bugs 🙂