• The ability to manually adjust the percentage of value area is added (The Common Settings submenu is added to the Settings menu in the main window). This setting affects all VA calculation in the platform. All charts should we updated after changing the parameter of VA.
  • The active/current layer is highlighted now in the layer’s list.
  • To the context menu of Alerts window the option ‘Enable/disable alerts for hidden layers’ is added.
  • The ‘Clear all depth change’ hotkeys are added for cleaning a ‘depth change’ columns in Smart DOM.
  • The proportional height bars option is added to the DOM levels indicator, it depends on the level of liquidity at each price level. Fix max values option is also added. If a checkbox is checked, the maximum values in each bar are only shown. If there is no checkmark, then the most recent values in each bar are displayed (at the time of its closure).
  • To the visual settings of the chart the ‘on/off’ option of showing circles with values on indicators is added.
  • Side histogram settings (Visual settings of the chart): the colour of vertical boundaries for custom histogram range can be changed now (including its transparency).
  • Improved exit strategies.
  • Lock trading mode of Smart DOM is saved in the workspace after ATAS rebooting.
  • To the properties of the trend line is added options for displaying lines in the form of arrows: EndLineAsArrow, StartLineAsArrow


  • Displaying of Global crosshair for the instruments of different markets is fixed.
  • Displaying of lines on Market Profile object (POC, VAL, VAH) when prolonging them beyond the visible area of the profile is also fixed.
  • The horizontal line with checked ‘Behind the chart’ option is being shown now on the indicators panel.
  • Cumulative Delta values are displayed correctly on different timeframes.
  • Lua script for Quik connection is compatible with v.7 also (not only with v.6).
  • The label visibility of trades on the Sim account is fixed.