New features:

  • Pnl is shown in color according to the open position in the main window. The same indication is implemented in the statistics for transactions.
  • Added ability to change the type of display PnL for open positions on the chart (for this you need to click on the PnL in Chart Trader).
  • Added indicator Bar Timer to the section of technical indicators, which shows the time remaining until the candle closing.
  • Added alert for RTindicator indicator.


  • Size of the window settings for drawing objects is increased.
  • To the proper work of Market Profiles indicator with external month period, it is needed to set period of 40320 minutes.
  • Window with indicator values by pressing the Ctrl key are now displayed as below, depending on which area of the window is the graph.
  • Color of time labels for new session line on the timeline coincides with the color of session line. Also, you can customise it in the visual settings of the chart.
  • Digits on partly hidden clusters of the chart are visible now.


  1. Alerts for the horizontal lines sounds on the hidden layers.
  2. Maximum Levels indicator is fixed at periods Last week, Last day, Last month.
  3. Online construction of range charts is fixed.
  4. Loaded history on spread charts is saved after platform rebooting or window cloning.
  5. Calculation of the histogram with Delta type for the current day is fixed.