Update to v2.58

  1. You can now change symbol using Change Instrument option, which can either be found in the upper window control panel or under the right click of your mouse.
  2. There is a new type of clusters added: Bid/Ask Imbalance

This chart type uses a new approach to highlight cluster volume imbalance. In contrast with standard Delta (which compares Bids and Asks on the same price level), Bid/Ask Imbalance allows you to highlight volume imbalances in every spread accros the price bar.




Now the imbalance value is in fact a percentage ratio of the diagonally compared volumes. By default, this value is 150%, but if you increase it, e.g. up to 300%, a more substantial volume will be highlighted. To change this value, simply go to Cluster Settings – Filters and Colors and set the required Imbalance Rate value.


Imbalance Rate

The optimal ratio always depends on the symbol liquidity and the time frame used. Here is an example of a Bid/Ask Imbalance chart:

Bid Ask imbalance chart