Dear friends!

A new update of ATAS has been released, pushing the version number to 3.18.0

Details of all the fixes and improvements are listed below:


  • chart autoscaling with a double left-click on the price panel.
  • in Trading Settings added an option that allows to set the size of trades markers.
  • in Indicators API added a new type of data series: PaintBars. It allows to set the color fill for candle body for any bar.
  • in Visual Settings added an Extend price line option that allows to display a horizontal line for the current price through the whole chart window.
  • in indicator Delta added features:

    – define a filter to notify with alert.

    – define a numerical filter to display.

    – define a filter on Bars direction (bullish or bearish).

    – define a filter on Delta type (positive or negative).


  • CTRL+Z operation on cloned charts.
  • minor corrections of VWAP, DynamicLevels indicators.