ATAS platform update.

Dear friends, 25.01.2021 the next update of the ATAS V5 platform was released!

In the new version 5.7.16 we have added:

– updated API of TRANSAQ connector
– added gradient background for the charts
– added a new type of chart display, called Area
– added Dynamic Level Channel indicator
– fixed MT5 connector
– made some minor fixes and improvements.

Update your ATAS V5 in the main window or agree to update when you restart the platform.

If you have not installed the new version yet, download it in your personal cabinet:

  • 25.01.2021

    Version 5.7.16

    – updated API of TRANSAQ connector
    – added gradient background for the charts
    – added a new type of chart display, called Area
    – added Dynamic Level Channel indicator
    – fixed MT5 connector
    – made some minor fixes and improvements.

  • 18.01.2021

    Version 5.7.15

    – made some minor fixes and improvements

  • 16.11.2020

    Version 5.7.10

    To improve the functionality we added:
    – links to the instructions for connecting to Huobi, MT5, dxFeed connectors;
    – offset settings to the Alligator indicator;
    – an alert to the Stacked Imbalance indicator;
    – setting of the number of days to the Pivots indicator.
    Also we implemented new indicators such as:
    – Average Daily Range
    – Wavetrend
    – Hull Moving Average
    – Accelerator Oscilator
    – Murray Math
    – Bars Pattern
    – Relative Volume
    – Voss predictive filter
    – Money Flow Index
    – Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
    – Chaikin Oscillator
    – Schaff Trend Cycle
    – Squeeze Momentum
    – Qualitative Quantitative Estimation Indicator
    – Fisher Transform
    – VSA – WSD Histogram
    – VSA Better Volume
    – Fractals
    Finally, we made some minor fixes:
    – display of the number of orders at the Best bid and Best ask levels in the Scalping DOM indicator;
    – setting of the Initial balance length in the TPO and Profile;
    – display of the bid ask on the tape in a split mode;
    – display mode for bars in the Delta indicator;
    – display of the Daily Lines indicator when the text display is disabled;
    – saving OI analyzer data after 20:45 MSK;
    – drawing of the Awesome Oscillator indicator;
    – translations of some items in different indicators.

  • 1.10.2020

    Version 5.7.8

    – a Watchlist module and the ability to link platform windows;
    – a Cumulative mode to the LTQ Smart DOM column;
    – an UNIUSDT@BinanceFutures.
    In the new version we have also:
    – fixed loading history for YFIIUSDT, SUSHIUSDT, BALUSDT @Binance and ONTUSDT, ADAUSDT @BinanceFutures;
    – fixed and made improvements in indicators and platform connectors.

  • 15.09.2020

    Version 5.7.7

    – a Scalping DOM module.
    – LTQ (last trade quantity) column to Smart DOM.
    – a subperiod number to the TPO and Profile indicator, from which the Initial Balance calculation starts.
    – an option to display the duration of the candlestick and the ability to hide row headers in the Cluster Statistic indicator.
    – an “IgnoreZeroValues” property to the Stacked Imbalance indicator, which ignores zero values in clusters.

  • 03.08.2020

    Version 5.7.3

    – Added German language

    – Expanded list of Rithmic servers

    – Improved platform performance

    – Added 500 most liquid CBOE EU stocks

  • 20.07.2020

    Version 5.7.1

    -optimized calculation algorithm in the Cluster Search indicator;
    – did minor fixes and improvements in the platform and API.

  • 01.07.2020

    Version 5.7.6

    – we fixed minor bugs in DOM Levels, Dynamic Levels, TPO and Profile, Smart DOM, instrument manager, server connections, technical indicators.
    – and improved API connection to dxFeed.

  • 19.03.2020

    Version 5.6.1

    – we improved defensive strategies. Now you can save and load settings, create templates.
    – we fixed some errors in the work of the TPO and Profile indicator and charts, orders placing, displaying alerts and servers, horizontal line creation, as well as dxFeed and All Price module connection.
    – we added the ability to set an optional period manually in the TPO and Profile indicator.
    – added new F2 server

  • 09.03.2020

    Version 5.6.0

    – we fixed incorrect work of defensive strategies on Binance exchange instruments;
    – the BarsToProportion parameter has been added to the DOM LEVELS indicator;
    – improved G2 server.

  • 04.03.2020

    Version 5.5.11

    – some bugs in the work and display of the charts are fixed
    – the connection to OKEx is improved
    – we did some corrections in the TPO and Profile indicator
    – the display of Big Trades indicator markers is fixed
    – we also did small corrections of drawing objects on the chart
    – we fixed the location of the charts during the workspaces loading

  • 19.02.2020

    Version 5.5.9

    Adding of Futures and Connectors to OKEx and Binance Exchanges Accounts

  • Crypto-1

    Notifications about the server closing-down.

  • Version 3.29

    + Zig Zag indicator.

    + Margin Zones indicator.

  • New symbols were added

    MES, M2K, MNQ, MYM

  • Version 3.30.0

    • Optimized drawing of the Chart
    • Optimized Smart DOM
    • Optimized Horizontal Histogramm on the Chart
    • Added new indicators Chaikin Money Flow, Chaikin Money Iscillator, Donchain Channel.

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