10 secrets of successful traders. Part 1.

We have covered quite a number of trading topics in our blog for the past several years. These were the articles of a wide spectrum encompassing both the advanced Footprint chart of the ATAS platform and exchange trading in general, and trading psychology and even the cryptocurrency market, which gains popularity. While preparing our articles, we […]

10 secrets of successful traders. Part 2

10 secrets of successful traders. Part 2.

Dear Friends! Today we continue our story about secrets of successful traders, which we started in the first part of the article. When coming to the Forex, futures or stock market, beginner traders focus on the search for an efficient trading strategy and development of skills of its application. This is quite natural. However, are […]

5 failures and 5 successes. 3 years on the way to a dream. The story of a real trader.

5 failures and 5 successes. The story of a real trader.

Hello. My name is Julia. I am from Saint-Petersburg. My trading experience is 3 years. I do the positional and intraday trading on the Moscow Exchange. In this autobiographical article I will tell you how I became a trader. I will split my story into: failures – a description of mistakes. Each failure contains a […]

How to become an intraday trader: three steps for a beginner

Intraday trading is one of the most popular types of trading, where a trader opens and closes trades within one trading day. Thus, a trader controls his open positions within the intraday trading strategy and doesn’t transfer trades to the next day. Traders actively apply intraday trading in the Forex currency, futures and stock markets.

7 advice of how to overcome a series of losses

7 advice of how to overcome a series of losses

Losses are an integral part of trading. All traders heard the advice to exit loss-making trades as soon as possible and to stay in profit-making trades as long as possible. This advice is easy to make but difficult to implement in real life.


How to become a trader from scratch. Advice from a professional

The trader profession is extremely attractive and more and more people want to become traders. This is not surprising since professional traders make good money and are masters of their time.