Как определить окончание коррекции с помощью индикаторов анализа объемов

How to identify the end of a correction

The end of a correction is very important because at this moment traders have an opportunity to enter a position with a potentially high reward (in case of a trend resumption) and reduce risks at the same time. Read in this article: What is a correction. When to enter a position. Traditional ways of identifying […]

Стратегия торговли ложных пробоев по профилю рынка_1

False breakout trading strategy using Market Profile

Pin bar pattern in trading. Pin bar trading strategies

Pin bar pattern in trading. Pin bar trading strategies

The word pin comes from general English meaning a thin piece of metal used to fasten things together. But in trading a pin bar is a bar or candlestick that has a long sharp tail. It got its name due to a visual similarity. This article is about pin bars on stock charts, read to […]

How to find strong intraday levels and how to trade them?

This article raises the issue of the significance of dynamic trading systems, which independently adapt to the market. How to develop them? We will try to demonstrate it with the use of 2 indicators. The Dynamic Levels indicator will find strong dynamic intraday levels, while the Cluster Search indicator will show traps for sellers and […]