Types of ATAS Indicators, Their Functions and Configuration

ATAS Indicators: Types, Purpose and Configuration

This article explains the principle behind categorizing all available indicators on the platform. Novice ATAS users can also gain insights into the purpose of indicators and how to work with them. Read in the article:  Why Indicators Are Necessary About Categories of Indicators in the ATAS Platform Bid x Ask, Delta, Volume Clusters, Profiles Commitments […]

CCI Indacator

Is it possible to combine the cluster analysis with the CCI indicator?

The subject of our today’s article is the CCI indicator. This article is another one in the series of publications about technical indicators. What is interesting about the CCI indicator? Read in this article: what CCI is, definition and calculation formula; how to trade using the CCI indicator – examples and testing using historical data; […]

Six ways to speed up work with the ATAS platform

Time = money. Traders know it better than others. The goal of this article is clear from the title — to save your time, help you focus on the trading process, and avoid getting distracted by secondary settings. We have collected six ways for you to work with ATAS even faster: Hotkeys Trading from the […]

Heat map in ATAS functionality

Heat map in ATAS functionality

A heat map is an easy way of displaying trading activity in the DOM over time. Use it for scalping and finding entry points. An enhanced heat map provides more useful opportunities for ATAS platform users when working with Scalping DOM and DOM Levels indicators. Read more: What is a heat map? Advantages of the […]

Specific features and advantages of the Range XV chart

Adding (combining) indicators in the ATAS platform

Adding indicators in the ATAS platform

Stock exchange trading and technical analysis of financial charts are closely connected with indicators. The present article is about convenience and powerful functionality, which the ATAS platform provides when working with indicators. Read in the article: What indicators and their purposes are How indicators are displayed How to combine indicators in the price window How […]

How to improve signals quality with Voss Predictive Filter