Как работают графики футпринт. Режимы футпринт, и для чего они нужны

How Footprint charts work. Footprint modes

Traders used to apply only the fundamental and technical analysis in the 20th century. They didn’t see what took place inside the candles. The cluster analysis or Footprint emerged in the 2000s. In this article for beginners we will analyze: what the Footprint is; how the Footprint works; how it can help to achieve a […]

Imbalance - what is it?

Imbalance – what is it? How to find and trade imbalance.

Imbalance is absence of balance between buy and sell orders. It is a specific term, which is used in trading only. In everyday life non-correspondence or inequality is called disbalance. For example: improper automobile wheels balance is a disbalance, which results in their non-uniform wear; receipts are less than expenditures – it is a budget […]