What are trading signals

What are trading signals? Signal Trading in Markets

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Six Key Skills of a Successful Futures Trader

Futures Trader: Six Essential Skills

Day trading futures is a promising way to earn money, accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. At first glance, it might seem that the most important part of this process is the strategy, and while it does play a critically important role, the personal qualities of a beginner trader are just […]

Futures hedging. How to hedge risks

Futures hedging. How to hedge risks

Hedging risks with futures. Not only major companies but also traders and investors should think about it. Hedging is insurance, which is available to all. Read in the article: What is hedging? Advantages of hedging. Difference between diversification and hedging with futures. Hedging with futures. Conclusions. What to do in practice?

Hedging currency-related risks

What does hedging currency risks mean? In simple words, this is when a financial market participant performs an operation to insure himself against a possible negative influence, which can be exerted on his other operations by the currency exchange rate change. For example, when a US investor buys stock of an American company, denominated in […]

Specific features of the American stock margin trading: calculation examples

Specific features of the American stock margin trading