Analysis of COT indicators in the ATAS platform charts

New indicators! View COT report data directly on charts

Starting from version three indicators for working with COT reports were added to the trading and analytical ATAS platform: COT Open Interest. COT Net Positions. COT Index. See display examples in the GBP futures (6B) chart below.

Как настроить графики Reversal для поиска разворот рынка?

How to Set Reversal Charts for Finding the Market Reversal?

ATAS has 14 chart types – from standard time charts to tailor made range charts. We will speak about Reversal Charts in this article.

Платформа для анализа котировок акций в реальном времени.

Platform for analyzing stock quotes in real time

In this article, we will speak about price quotes: what it is; where to view the quoting history; quotes in real time. Quote is the cost or price of a commodity. The word originates from the French ‘to number’ or ‘to mark’. Securities are quoted or numbered on the exchange and registered in the quotation […]

5 видов биржевых графиков для быстрого анализа акций и валют MOEX.

5 types of exchange charts for a quick analysis of the MOEX

If you want to find online exchange charts in Google to learn about the USD or EUR exchange rates or current price quotes of stocks on MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency EXchange), the search system will give you the answer in the search results in real time. You even will not need to go to other […]