How to earn with minimal capital? Looking for an Investor

Что такое проп-трейдинг. Интервью с проп-трейдерами.

What prop trading is. Interviews with prop traders

Prop trading, prop traders and prop trading companies in Russia – what are they and how do they work? In this article we will acquaint you with the prop trading concept. There are quite a lot of traders who make profit with 6 or 7 zeros a year started to trade in prop trading companies. […]

Хотите найти инвесторов 3 вещи, которые надо знать

Do you want to find investors? Basic things you should know.

Imagine that we deal with a reasonable trader who trades on positive territory. However, he cannot make decent income just because he does not have a sufficient trading capital. All his profits are disproportionate to his efforts and do not cover even vital requirements. What to do? To take a credit on property? Well, we […]