Santa Claus Rally. Will the traders get gifts

Santa Claus Rally. Will the traders get gifts?

Christmas is approaching, and with it the theme of the so-called “Santa Claus Rally” becomes relevant. In this article, you will learn: What is Santa Claus Rally? 5 possible reasons for its occurrence. The pros and cons of the strategy. Is it worth waiting for gifts in the financial markets?

Blue Chips. How to invest in Blue Chip stocks

How to invest in Blue Chip stocks

Blue Chips – what does this term mean? It was invented by Oliver Gingold, who worked in the Dow Jones company, in 1923 to specify stocks, which cost more than USD 200 (big money at the time). This article is about stock market Blue Chips. Read in the article: what Blue Chips are; Blue Chip […]

How to compile a stock portfolio

How to compile a stock portfolio

Nebyivalaya schedrost Baydena, golovokruzhitelnyiy obval bitkoina i rekordnyie tsenyi na syire. Glavnyie novosti za nedelyu

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Что будет с финансовыми рынками? Прогноз на 2021 по акциям, валютам, ценам на сырье. Основные риски.

What will happen to financial markets? Forecast for 2021

Новые рекорды для биткоина и TSLA. Как смена власти в США влияет на финансовые рынки

How The Power Change In The US Influences Financial Markets

The first complete trading week in 2021 passed at the bidding of stock and bitcoin buyers. The Tesla (TSLA) growth shows real progress, which already made Elon Musk the richest man on Earth. It’s interesting that even the Democrat majority in the Senate didn’t result in retracement of risk assets. At the same time, a […]