Что будет с финансовыми рынками? Прогноз на 2021 по акциям, валютам, ценам на сырье. Основные риски.

What will happen to financial markets? Forecast for 2021 on stocks, currencies and raw material prices. Main risks.

Новые рекорды для биткоина и TSLA. Как смена власти в США влияет на финансовые рынки

New Bitcoin And Tesla Records. How The Power Change In The United States Influences Financial Markets

The first complete trading week in 2021 passed at the bidding of stock and bitcoin buyers. The Tesla (TSLA) growth shows real progress, which already made Elon Musk the richest man on Earth. It’s interesting that even the Democrat majority in the Senate didn’t result in retracement of risk assets. At the same time, a […]

Tesla is in the S&P 500 index and Musk made USD 110 billion

Musk made USD 110 billion. Apple sets off and wants to launch its own car. What does take place?

Cyberpunk уже сегодня. CME запускает фьючерс на воду, а в Morgan Stanley верят, что биткоин заменит доллар

Cyberpunk is already here. CME launches a water futures contract and Morgan Stanley believes that bitcoin will replace the dollar

The week after the Presidential election in  the United States has passed as usual in the financial markets. Stock indices move up, although with minor disruptions, on expectations of new budget incentives and optimism with respect to the beginning of coronavirus vaccination. Super-successful IPO and a record-breaking inflow of institutional investors into bitcoin also didn’t […]

The US authorities are ready to print USD 1 trillion. Bitcoin and Euro break records. What does it mean for a regular investor

The US authorities are ready to print USD 1 trillion. Bitcoin and Euro break records. What does it mean for a regular investor?

The optimism indicator goes off scale. Should we expect a sharp fall of markets? Front-page events in brief.

How Do the Large Cap Companies Get Over a Crisis

Analysing Apple, Amazon and Microsoft reports and also important news from JP Morgan. What does the future hold for the markets in future?

The world financial markets shudder again. Wednesday was the crash peak, when the S&P 500 index lost the record-breaking for several months 3.5%. The crash was caused by a combination of unfavourable events. Meanwhile, the largest corporations, led by Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, published their quarterly reports. Is it time to buy cheap stocks? Topics […]

S&P 500 index. Everything most important

PayPal Boosted Bitcoin to the Moon

PayPal Boosted Bitcoin to the Moon

Nervousness is growing in the US stock market. Democrats and Republicans cannot reach an agreement with respect to the economy saving package. Instead, Bitcoin feels itself excellent. It set a new price record not without PayPal’s help. It goes without saying that investors monitor the corporate reporting season with special attention. Quarterly reports of Tesla […]