This article is mostly for those traders who have just started to study trading by cluster charts. A beginner should develop own understanding of how to read footprint correctly. We speak here both about training of visual perception, that is, how to find necessary information in the chart, and about training of analytical skills in […]

The order path from creation to execution on CME

The order path from creation to execution on CME

The present article contains a brief review of the existing procedure of the order execution on CME. This procedure depends on certain parameters initially set by a broker’s customer when forming orders. We will consider in this article what order types and qualifiers exist.

CME order matching algorithms. Part 3

Dear friends! As we promised, we continue our review of the CME Group order matching algorithms. This time, we will analyze the threshold algorithm of proportional distribution (Threshold Pro Rata Algorithm) through an example. In this article: Logic of the algorithm operation. Example of use.

Footprint: How to identify the big players

Perhaps you have heard the opinion that the trading is complex and footprint is complicated, that financial markets are only for the sharks who have big capital and best trading algorithms. The truth is that if you concentrate on the task complexity only, you will hardly be able to solve it. Sometimes, a complex thing […]


Imbalance: how to make money under any conditions

Many exchange traders often execute trades the idea of which could be compared with buying potable water in a hot desert or selling ice on the North Pole. Sometimes it is very difficult to avoid such a situation trading in the futures market. Analysis of imbalance can help you to solve this widely-spread problem. Read […]


Imbalance: trade on the side of superior forces

This war ended after just being started. From the first shot until the total victory of Britain, the Zanzibar troops managed to protect their positions for about 38 minutes. Zanzibar commanders definitely didn’t estimate imbalance in forces before they got into the shortest war in world history. Since buyers and sellers fight in the market, […]