How to find strong intraday levels and how to trade them?

This article raises the issue of the significance of dynamic trading systems, which independently adapt to the market. How to develop them? We will try to demonstrate it with the use of 2 indicators. The Dynamic Levels indicator will find strong dynamic intraday levels, while the Cluster Search indicator will show traps for sellers and […]

American stock indices CME Micro Contracts or Forex CFD

American stock indices: CME Micro Contracts or Forex CFD?

Nasdaq, S&P500, Dow Jones – futures (what futures are) on American stock indices are one of the most popular markets in the world.

How to analyse the market and develop a trading plan in a couple of minutes

How to analyse the market and develop a trading plan

Why to analyse the market structure? Very often traders are in a hurry to start trading. Besides, the existing variety of trading systems and indicators will always give a signal for trading. However, you shouldn’t hurry in this business because opening a trade against the current market moods will, most probably, be loss-making or have […]