Six Key Skills of a Successful Futures Trader

Futures Trader: Six Essential Skills

Day trading futures is a promising way to earn money, accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. At first glance, it might seem that the most important part of this process is the strategy, and while it does play a critically important role, the personal qualities of a beginner trader are just […]

Crude oil futures

How to develop a crude oil futures trading strategy

Crude oil futures are a unique market, distinct from others like gold, stocks, currency futures, and cryptocurrencies. It can serve as either a primary market for applying trading strategies or a supplementary one, providing a broader range of trading signals. This article is designed to assist all crude oil futures traders, whether you are creating […]

Tick Charts

Tick Charts in Simple Terms

Tick volume is one of the volume indicators that provides a deep understanding of market dynamics, giving a competitive advantage in the market. This article delves into the nuances of using tick volume and tick charts within the ATAS platform. Read more: What Is Tick Volume? The Tick Volume Indicator What Is a Tick Chart? […]

How to Read Footprint Charts and Use Clusters

Footprint is a format of the exchange chart that accurately displays information about executed trades, including time, price, volume of buys and sells. This article aims to help traders gain a competitive advantage using footprint charts. Beginners will be able to quickly progress along the learning curve, while more experienced traders will find new ideas […]

Main Types of Market Analysis

Main Types of Market Analysis

Stock markets are complex and dynamic systems influenced by numerous factors. To make informed decisions about buying or selling financial assets, it is essential to analyze the stock market.  This article explores the main types of analysis: Fundamental analysis Technical analysis Volume analysis FAQ How to use ATAS advantages for market analysis

Cluster Analysis in Layman’s Terms

Cluster Analysis in Layman’s Terms

This long read is dedicated to cluster analysis and is aimed at beginners. In the article, you will find a simple explanation of cluster analysis of market volumes, its purposes and applications.  Read more: What Is Cluster Analysis in Trading? Special Features of Cluster Analysis Settings of Cluster Charts How to Analyze Cluster Charts Cluster […]

CVD Pro. How to Use the Cumulative Volume Delta

CVD Pro. How to Use the Cumulative Volume Delta

During one of the updates in the ATAS platform in 2023, the Market Power indicator was renamed to CVD Pro. The full name of the indicator is Cumulative Volume Delta. It is widely used by traders when analyzing volumes.  Read this article to find out: The core aspects of delta and cumulative delta Comparison of […]

VSA and cluster analysis. Shakeout and upthrust patterns

This is another article on the topic of VSA and cluster analysis. Earlier we have considered: Bag Holding and End of Rising market patterns; No Demand and No Supply patterns; Buying and selling climax patterns. In each previous article, we have grouped two patterns that are in many ways “mirror images” of each other. Shakeout […]

What Does the Depth of Market Indicator Show

What Does the Depth of Market Indicator Show?

The indicator name is Depth of Market. It is also known as Market Depth, Level 2, or Order Book. It is a powerful market analysis tool in trading. How it can be useful to you, and how to work with it in ATAS – read this article: The core concept of the Depth of Market […]