What the Binance Coin is. How to trade BNB

The topic of our today’s article is Binance Coin (BNB).  We already wrote about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. In contrast with them, BNB is a coin issued by the largest cryptocurrency exchange. What are specific features of BNB? These and other issues are described in this article in simple words: what Binance is; interesting facts […]

The Bitcoin forecast for 2022 - should we expect growth

Should we expect the Bitcoin growth in 2022?

We wrote a year ago that the year 2021 had all chances to become successful for the cryptocurrency market. We can state that our optimism was completely verified. Let’s briefly sum up the results of the year 2021 and try to look into the year 2022 in order to make an effort to assess the […]

Ethereum and Ether. What you should know before investing in ETH

Ethereum and Ether. What you should know before investing

What is Ethereum and what is Ether? In everyday usage, Ether and Ethereum are synonyms, although they are not exactly the same. Ethereum is a complex decentralized platform of applications based on the blockchain technology. In simple words, Ethereum is a big database with a publicly available source code. The official web-site of the platform […]

Bitcoin. Answers to popular questions about the main cryptocurrency

Bitcoin frequently asked questions

Making money on cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading: 10 ways to make money and 1 way to lose

We, in the Orderflowtrading company, are not big fans of gambling, that is why we will forecast probability:

Топ-10. Обзор бирж криптовалют.

9 best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade on

In this review, we will consider the most popular exchanges where cryptocurrencies are traded. The goal of the review is to help the reader to make a selection of what cryptocurrency exchange to open a trading account on. Besides, we will not focus on technical issues, such as how to: register on the exchange; pass […]

Bitcoin Futures. Frequently Asked Questions

Starting from December 2017, the bitcoin rate has increased by more than 40% and its capitalization increased USD 200 billion for the first time in its nearly nine-year history. The bitcoin established a new historical high and reached the mark of USD 14,000 per cryptocoin. Analysts believe that one of the reasons for such an […]