DOM Trading. Торгуйте как проп-компания

DOM trading. Trade like a prop company

We will speak in this article about what Smart DOM is and how to improve your trading strategy with its help. Read in this article: What Smart DOM is; Smart DOM fields; How to set; How to use. What is seen better in the Smart DOM than in the chart; Spoofing in the Smart DOM; […]

“Стакан цен”. Как торговать

How to trade using Smart DOM. ATAS lifehacks.

Do you agree that you can endlessly watch three things: how the fire burns, how the water runs and how another person works? Do not believe in restrictions: you also can endlessly watch how orders are changed in the order book. In this article we will focus on methods of making profit with the help […]

How to identify spoofing in the ATAS order book.

How to identify spoofing in the ATAS order book.

What is spoofing? Spoofing is a concept that originates from the verb “to spoof” – disorient, cheat, falsify, mystify, etc. You can also find another version of origination of this term in the Internet – from the nickname of the cryptocurrency trader Spoofer, who successfully manipulated trading. However, the first legal prosecutions for spoofing took […]