FOMO effect

What Is FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out in Trading

In today’s financial markets and crypto trading, the term FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is becoming more common. This phenomenon greatly influences the behavior of traders and investors, pushing them to make impulsive decisions driven by emotions and the fear of missing potential profits. In this article, we will explain what FOMO is in trading, […]

Overtrading: how to avoid it.

Как извлечь выгоду из страха получить стоп-лосс?

Stop loss fear

There is a term on the trader’s slang – FOBSO (Fear Of Being Stopped Out). In simple words it means the fear of activation of a stop loss. In this article we will speak about: why traders experience the stop loss fear; how to fight it; how to derive benefit in situations when others experience […]

Independent and dependent traders: which category do you belong to?

Independent and dependent traders: which do you belong to?

There are moments in life when we just need to rely on other people, but there are different times when you have to rely on yourself only. It is important to be independent when you trade on the exchange. If you do not like to stay alone with your thoughts and trust your intuition, abstracting […]

False motivation holds back your progress in trading

Do you know what many people are very good at? They are good at idle talks! They often speak about their plans and about some business they want to do. And, what is interesting, they could be very convincing when they do it. Do you know what many people are not so good at? They […]

Violation of discipline in trading: reason or consequence?

Usually, traders connect losing money in the market with a lack of discipline. However, not many people try to analyze the reasons which provoke insufficiency of consistency in making trading decisions. In fact, absence of discipline is just a consequence rather than reason. In the present article, we will try to analyze the main factors […]