How to select stocks in the premarket. Finding markets that enter the active trend phase. Chart examples with description

How to select stocks in the premarket. Finding the trends

“A trader is only as good as the stocks that he trades”. Mike Bellafiore Mike Bellafiore is one of the founders of a proprietary trading firm (what proprietary trading is) in New York. For more than 15 years he teaches traders how to select instruments for trading in order to increase their chances for success. […]


How to develop a trading plan: 10 mandatory steps. Part 1

Trading is a business and if you want to be successful you should treat trading as a business. The only way to be a successful trader is planning – there is no other way. There is a saying: “Absence of a plan results in the failure of your plan”. It might sound weird, but this […]

How to correctly select a market for trading?

How to select a market for trading?

It’s highly unlikely that there are many people in the world who got up in the morning and, all of a sudden, decided to start trading. As a rule, such a decision is made on the basis of the brokers’ ads, economic knowledge or sharp desire to make ‘easy money’. Well, let’s assume you decided […]

Как выбрать инструменты для торговли на московской бирже?

How to select instruments for trading on the Moscow Exchange?

The issue of a start-up capital arises immediately after traders start thinking about what instruments to trade and in what markets. Foreign brokers recommend to open an account when you can spare USD 10-25 thousand. Not everyone has this type of money. Those people who just start their trading career and want to try themselves […]

торговля на фондовом рынке

5 reasons why you shouldn’t postpone a trade to the next day

Относите ли вы себя к внутридневным трейдерам? Приходила ли вам идея о переносе своей внутридневной сделки на следующий день? Несмотря на то, что переносом сделок пользуются многие трейдеры и инвесторы на фондовом рынке, сегодня мы объясним вам, почему такой подход к внутридневной торговле является не лучшей идеей.

Futures trading: planning before and after a trading session

Futures trading: planning before and after a trading session

Futures trading is a serious challenge for every beginner who came to the futures market in order to gain financial independence. It requires from him active preparation for a forthcoming trading session and a thorough analysis of the current market situation. A beginner will feel more confident every next day on his way to the […]

Trading session opening time. Schedule

Trading session opening time. Schedule

Trading sessions are periods of time when trades can be executed on the exchange. We wrote in the article about the exchange organizational structure that trading on the New York Stock Exchange is opened with the Opening Bell. So, a time period from the opening bell to the closing bell is a trading session. If […]

Three worst periods of time for trading

Everyone wants to know at what price it makes sense to buy or sell one or another financial instrument whether it is a currency pair in the Forex market, a futures contract on a commodity exchange or stocks in the stock market. The truth is that the trading is both understanding the moments when you […]