VSA and cluster analysis. Shakeout and upthrust patterns

This is another article on the topic of VSA and cluster analysis. Earlier we have considered: Bag Holding and End of Rising market patterns; No Demand and No Supply patterns; Buying and selling climax patterns. In each previous article, we have grouped two patterns that are in many ways “mirror images” of each other. Shakeout […]

How to Track Smart Money in Trading

4 Tips for Tracking Smart Money

The term smart money has become firmly established in the vocabulary of traders, but it can also be accompanied by some misunderstandings. This article will help eliminate them. Read more: Smart money in trading: what is it? How to spot traces of smart money on a chart Tip 1. Stay informed about the news Tip […]

The duality problem in volume analysis

The duality problem in volume analysis

This article is intended for those who are new to volume analysis and may interpret market situations in a simplified way due to their lack of experience. Beginners can make the following mistake: “A big buy on the chart → a large player is bullish → I am also going to buy.” Read more: The […]

What is DAX Index? How to use it in trading?

This article is about the DAX 40 stock index. It continues the topic of stock indices which we touched on earlier in the articles: The most important things about S&P 500 index Dow Jones Index Futures In the following part of the article you will find answers to questions that beginner traders often have: What the […]

Bar-by-bar analysis. How to read a chart. Part 2.

Bar-by-bar analysis. How to read a chart. Part 2

In the first article of the series, we introduced you to bar-by-bar analysis and also discussed how to use it in the bitcoin market. In this article, we will continue to study the topic using examples of other markets: Reading the futures market for the S&P-500 index using bar-by-bar analysis; Bar-by-bar analysis of the gold […]

Bar-by-bar analysis. How to read a chart. Part 1

Bar-by-bar analysis. How to read a chart. Part 1

Bar-by-bar analysis is a term that came from price action. A great contribution to the popularization of bar-by-bar analysis was made by Al Brooks, a private trader and author of several books describing the technique of reading charts by bars. Bar-by-bar analysis has important meaning. It aims at a deep understanding of the market situation […]

Microsoft stock. Everything you need to know about MSFT

The article is devoted to the most recent historical highs of the Microsoft stock… Everything important that you need to know about MSFT is in one article. Read in the article: Microsoft company History of Microsoft creation Microsoft IPO Historical chart of MSFT stock How much MSFT stock pays in dividends Fundamental grounds for the […]

Резервная валюта. Что это такое простыми словами

Reserve currency. What it is in simple words

An important event took place on August 15, 1971, which exerted influence on the current financial system. President Nixon declared the United States refusal of exchanging dollars for gold. This refusal became unexpected for other countries, that is why a number of presidential economic reforms of those times are called ‘Nixon shock’ and they jeopardized […]

Swiss franc – a safe haven in time of crisis

Swiss franc – a safe haven in time of crisis

The Swiss franc (code CHF) appeared in 1850 and was equal to one French franc. The Swiss franc is used as a currency for saving capital due to its stability of the exchange rate. Categories and tags were taken from the article about the British pound. Read more: Why is the Swiss franc so stable? […]

7 things that answer the question What is volatility

7 things that answer what is volatility

In case you think about making investments, most probably, you have heard the term ‘volatility’. This term originates from Latin volātilis (flying, swift, temporary and variable). What does financial market volatility mean? You will learn everything about volatility from this article. Read in the article: What volatility is in simple words. Types of volatility. How […]