Institutional investors. Everything you need to know.

Institutional Investors. Everything You Need To Know

Правда и мифы о бесплатных и платных торговых сигналах трейдеров

The truth and myths about free and paid trading signals of traders

If you have to do something with trading on MICEX or any other exchange, you have come across the trading signal services one way or another. Different messengers and social networks are full of groups and chats, where signals of successful traders are published. Most probably, you received invitations to join them. How does it […]

Можно ли прибыльно торговать используя фрактальность?

Fractality. What the principle of fractality is

Mandelbrot fractal (in the picture above) is, perhaps, the most famous fractal among the wider community. It was named after a person who, as it is believed, made the biggest contribution into the study of the principle of fractality. In his book ‘The Fractal Geometry of Nature’ (1982), Benoit Mandelbrot introduced the term fractals and […]

Financial market structure

Financial market structure

Валютные пары: как выбрать и торговать

Currency Pairs: How to Select and Trade?

Currency pairs are an instrument, which, as a rule, the people that study financial markets come across for the first time. It happens because we all see currency exchange rates in the currency exchange booths and it is easier for us to understand this financial asset. However, it is not that simple. Currency pair quotes […]

Форвардный контракт

Forward Contract

Реальные истории трейдеров. Часть 2.

Real trader stories. Part 2