5 видов биржевых графиков для быстрого анализа акций и валют MOEX.

5 types of exchange charts for a quick analysis of the MOEX

If you want to find online exchange charts in Google to learn about the USD or EUR exchange rates or current price quotes of stocks on MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency EXchange), the search system will give you the answer in the search results in real time. You even will not need to go to other […]

Why to use range bars in trading?

How are range bars useful in trading?

It is useful even for experienced traders to check efficiency of different methods of trading in the Forex, futures or stock market from time to time. It would help them not only to develop professionally, learning something new about the market every time, but also to find such methods of trading, which produce the biggest […]

Types of frames in the atas platform and their application. Part 2.

Types of frames in the ATAS platform. Part 2.

Types of frames in the atas platform and their application. Part 1

Types of frameworks in the atas platform and how to apply them

Traditional price charts (timeframes) use fixed time periods. Is it the only reasonable way to build charts? Should we consider charts that ignore the course of time? In this article, we will consider some alternative types of frames of the ATAS platform. Charts, represented by these frames, are built on the basis of volume and […]

Создание роботов для трейдинга.

Building robots for trading. What should a beginner know?

Did trading start to be too time consuming? Have you had thoughts about building a robot? What to start with? In this article we collected basic information required for beginner robot-builders.

Комбинирование анализа рынка форекс и фьючерсов.

Combining analysis of the forex and futures markets.

Сравнение биржевых торговых платформ.

Comparison of exchange trading platforms. ATAS vs Metatrader

Для любого трейдера жизненно важно удобное и быстрое программное обеспечение. Трейдерам необходимы уникальные индикаторы, которые будут подавать сигналы гораздо раньше и точнее, чем у других. Они хотят торговать с экрана в одно касание, работать с визуально приятным интерфейсом, который не будет утомлять глаза в конце торговой сессии. Максимум гибких настроек, подключений к брокерам. И желательно, […]

Renko bars

Renko Charts. How to build and trade Renko Charts

Japanese traders applied renko for the first time in the 19th century. They called them “renga”, which means “a brick”, due to their rectangular shape. Steve Nison was the first who presented both renko charts and Japanese candles to the European and American public. The main specific feature of Renko Charts is filtering out the […]

What the RangeUS chart is

How to search for trades in the RangeUS chart