How to read brokerage statements

Reading brokerage statements is, surely, not one of the most entertaining activities, but it is important for the sound capital management. If you do not read or do not understand brokerage statements, which you receive by email in the end of the day, you might leave unnoticed dangers that threaten your portfolio, mistakes or even […]

Почему стоит вести дневник трейдера

Why it is worth to keep a diary

A successful trader Douglas E. Zalesky was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for more than 20 years and successfully traded stock indices and bond futures. According to Douglass, 90% of a trader’s success depends on the discipline.

5 failures and 5 successes. 3 years on the way to a dream. The story of a real trader.

5 failures and 5 successes. The story of a real trader.

Hello. My name is Julia. I am from Saint-Petersburg. My trading experience is 3 years. I do the positional and intraday trading on the Moscow Exchange. In this autobiographical article I will tell you how I became a trader. I will split my story into: failures – a description of mistakes. Each failure contains a […]

Core mathematics for Forex traders Part 2

Today we will continue to get you acquainted with core mathematics for Forex traders. In the first part of the article we considered a number of important but simple mathematical formulas, required for assessment of trading efficiency in the Forex currency market. In the second part we will complete the review, which would help you […]

How to become an intraday trader: three steps for a beginner

Intraday trading is one of the most popular types of trading, where a trader opens and closes trades within one trading day. Thus, a trader controls his open positions within the intraday trading strategy and doesn’t transfer trades to the next day. Traders actively apply intraday trading in the Forex currency, futures and stock markets.

mathematics for Forex traders

Core mathematics for Forex traders. Part 1

Mathematics has never been a strong point for many people. That is why, when they come to the Forex market, the only thought about using mathematical formulas in trading makes them terrified. n the first part of the article we will tell you about mathematical formulas, which any Forex trader should know and understand. The […]

Хотите найти инвесторов 3 вещи, которые надо знать

Do you want to find investors? Basic things you should know.

Imagine that we deal with a reasonable trader who trades on positive territory. However, he cannot make decent income just because he does not have a sufficient trading capital. All his profits are disproportionate to his efforts and do not cover even vital requirements. What to do? To take a credit on property? Well, we […]

9 способов правильно организовать свой прибыльный трейдинг

9 methods to organize your profitable trading correctly

Beginner traders often start trading on the exchange expecting fast and big money. They are blinded with glittering future (colourfully depicted in advertising booklets of brokers) and do not notice important and necessary things: discipline, absent-mindedness, psychology, lack of knowledge, etc. Or do not pay due attention to them. As a result – losses, nerves, […]

7 advice of how to overcome a series of losses

7 advice of how to overcome a series of losses

Losses are an integral part of trading. All traders heard the advice to exit loss-making trades as soon as possible and to stay in profit-making trades as long as possible. This advice is easy to make but difficult to implement in real life.


How to become a trader from scratch. Advice from a professional

The trader profession is extremely attractive and more and more people want to become traders. This is not surprising since professional traders make good money and are masters of their time.