ATAS is celebrating its birthday!

ATAS celebrates its 9th birthday!

One day three traders on the stock and futures markets decided to improve their trading and simplify market analysis. As a result, they created the Smart Tape that later became the Advanced Times and Sales.

In a little while, other traders began to use this powerful development. They offered their ideas for improvement. Thus, a year later, the first version of the ATAS platform came into being!

On October, 1 ATAS celebrates its 9th birthday!

For 9 years the platform has been appreciated by more than 100,000 users who have downloaded and installed it. Many functions have appeared in ATAS: footprints, smart DOM, unique indicators. And many more will come in the future as we strive to improve trading results of our dearest users.

ATAS. We do everything for you like for ourselves.

Thank you for being with us!

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