We have updated my.atas.net personal area!

My.atas.net has been updated!

We have updated my.atas.net personal area! We have expanded its capabilities, increased security and operational stability.
What has been changed in the new personal area:

1. We have added the ability to upgrade a subscription from a temporary subscription to a lifetime license. 😎
When upgrading, the discount is calculated automatically! 💸

2. We have combined the personal area password and the platform password into one and made it encrypted, which increased your data security.

3. The registration process and first-time login to the personal area have been simplified for new users. 🤩

Our development team has done a great job on optimization, but almost all of it is hidden “under the bonnet”. This update won’t bring any inconvenience, because the personal area view has remained almost the same.

Personal area – https://my.atas.net/shop

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