Fibonacci and trading. How to use it?

How to trade on Fibonacci retracement levels

If there are ratings of the most popular instruments for analysis, Fibonacci retracement levels are in all of them. We are sure in it. Great traders speak about them in their interviews. Today we publish an expanded article about significance of Fibonacci numbers in trading.

Read in this article:

  1. Who Fibonacci is and where Fibonacci numbers came from;
  2. What CFA and EWA are;
  3. Correction and retracement levels;
  4. Internal correction patterns;
  5. Extension levels;
  6. Projection levels;
  7. Fibonacci zones;
  8. Fibonacci retracement levels and footprint;
  9. Additional literature about CFA.

We will use the market of gold futures as an example in this article, but you can, as well, apply Fibonacci retracement levels in any other market with any timeframe.

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