Как определить окончание коррекции с помощью индикаторов анализа объемов

How to identify the end of a correction

The end of a correction is very important because at this moment traders have an opportunity to enter a position with a potentially high reward (in case of a trend resumption) and reduce risks at the same time. Read in this article: What is a correction. When to enter a position. Traditional ways of identifying […]

Как и зачем проводить тестирование в трейдинге

What does a test mean in trading?

In the articles of technical analysts for the forex market, you can find conclusions about some test like: “On Friday, the price fell and tested the 200-hour moving average” What does it mean? Read in the article: What a test means in trading. Example 1. Tests in VSA. Example 2. Tests on Mondays. Example 3. […]

Стратегия торговли ложных пробоев по профилю рынка_1

False breakout trading strategy using Market Profile

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How to outperform the S&P-500

Pin bar pattern in trading. Pin bar trading strategies

Pin bar pattern in trading. Pin bar trading strategies

The word pin comes from general English meaning a thin piece of metal used to fasten things together. But in trading a pin bar is a bar or candlestick that has a long sharp tail. It got its name due to a visual similarity. This article is about pin bars on stock charts, read to […]

Trend Trading using Cluster Search and Dynamic Levels Channel

Trend trading has obvious advantages. In this article you will read about the idea of a trend trading strategy that uses professional indicators such as the Cluster Search and Dynamic Levels Channel from the ATAS platform. Read in the article: Benefits of trend trading What is Dynamic Levels Channel What is Cluster Search Idea of […]

Gap in trading. What is it and how to trade?

Swiss franc – a safe haven in time of crisis

Swiss franc – a safe haven in time of crisis

The Swiss franc (code CHF) appeared in 1850 and was equal to one French franc. The Swiss franc is used as a currency for saving capital due to its stability of the exchange rate. Categories and tags were taken from the article about the British pound. Read more: Why is the Swiss franc so stable? […]

What the Binance Coin is. How to trade BNB

The topic of our today’s article is Binance Coin (BNB).  We already wrote about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. In contrast with them, BNB is a coin issued by the largest cryptocurrency exchange. What are specific features of BNB? These and other issues are described in this article in simple words: what Binance is; interesting facts […]

7 things that answer the question What is volatility

7 things that answer what is volatility

In case you think about making investments, most probably, you have heard the term ‘volatility’. This term originates from Latin volātilis (flying, swift, temporary and variable). What does financial market volatility mean? You will learn everything about volatility from this article. Read in the article: What volatility is in simple words. Types of volatility. How […]