Financial market structure

Financial market structure

Volume profile types

Volume profile types

Лайфхаки и стратегии для торговли во флэте

Lifehacks and flat trading strategies

Flat on the exchange is a widespread phenomenon and is characterised by small market volatility. It is believed that more than a half of its time the price stays in flat, because the trend stages develop faster than flat stages. We will speak in this article about: what flat is; how to trade it; why […]

Как прибыльно, торговать используя графики Footprint?

How to trade profitably using Footprint charts

Footprint charts appeared about 20 years ago, however, there’s still little information on this trading subject on the Internet. And there are no printed books at all, although Footprint is an efficient and modern instrument. ATAS has 25 variants of cluster charts. They show the number of bids and asks, number of seconds and trades […]

Валютные пары: как выбрать и торговать

Currency Pairs: How to Select and Trade?

Currency pairs are an instrument, which, as a rule, the people that study financial markets come across for the first time. It happens because we all see currency exchange rates in the currency exchange booths and it is easier for us to understand this financial asset. However, it is not that simple. Currency pair quotes […]

Форвардный контракт

Forward Contract