Basics of Footprint Charts

Basics of Footprint Charts

Footprint is a format of the exchange chart that accurately displays information about executed trades, including time, price, volume of buys and sells.

This article aims to help traders gain a competitive advantage using footprint charts. Beginners will be able to quickly progress along the learning curve, while more experienced traders will find new ideas to enhance their strategies.

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  1. What Is Footprint?
  2. What Do Footprint Charts Show?
  3. The Importance of Footprint Charts. Pros and Cons
  4. How to Open and Configure a Footprint Chart
  5. Interpreting a Footprint Chart. Theory
  6. How to Read a Footprint Chart. Practical Examples
  7. How to Start Using Footprint Charts. Step-By-Step Instructions
  8. Tips for Beginners

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