Templates for ATAS charts

Download the archive to your computer, unpack the archive into a separate folder. Templates are in the format ***.lo

Download this file in the ATAS platform, having previously opened the necessary Instrument.

Indicators templates with predefined settings

How to use templates:

Template — includes all of the setups and color settings for the chart & indicators

Snapshot — includes  Chart template + all drawing objects, chart type and time frame.

How to Import a template or snapshot from the file?

  1. Download the template file or the snapshot to your computer;
  2. Click Templates icon on the chart menu panel;
  3. In the pop-up window click Import From File button;
  4. Select  downloaded template/snapshot file and then click OK.

After you import the file, it will appear in the list of available templates/snapshots.

Now you can just select it and click Download button for quick use when you need to.