We Are Glad to Announce Our Partnership with DeXe

We Are Glad to Announce Our Partnership with DeXe

DeXe is a platform for social trading, designed to copy the strategies of traders, who operate on various crypto exchanges.

Currently, Dexe.network is the main decentralized tool in the digital assets world that empowers experienced traders to give signals to DeFi. This contributes greatly to the entire decentralized ecosystem. The DeXe team is convinced that this is only the beginning of the development and beneficial interaction of centralized and decentralized finances. DeXe and social trading in the current implementation will take its rightful place among the asset management tools.

Denis Ivashchenko, CEO of ATAS: 

“We are pleasantly impressed by the simple and reliable DeXe solution for decentralized social trading. This will allow everyone to build safely an investment portfolio based on the skills of the best traders on the market, as well as independently share trading signals, attract capital and ensure own professional growth as a trader.

We welcome this opportunity to integrate with the project and enable DeXe traders to use innovative ATAS solutions in the field of orderflow & liquidity analysis to improve their trading results.”

Dmitriy Kotliarov, Co-Founder of DeXe:

“Being an experienced trader for a long time I can say that there are not so many professional trading platforms like ATAS. I see great prospects in our collaboration. Among them is the opportunity to attract market experts, draw their attention to the crypto markets, and the possibility for traders to use the platform’s functionality in the DeFi environment”.

More information about DeXe you can find following the links:

Website: https://dexe.network

Official telegram channel: https://t.me/Dexe_network 

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