Что такое ликвидность. Теория и практика

What is liquidity? Theory and practice

There is a rule in trading – to trade liquid securities only. In this article we will: identify what securities are liquid and what are not; consider examples of liquid stocks of the American and Russian sectors; explain how to identify liquidity with the help of the Smart DOM and limit orders; speak about iceberg […]

Топ - 4 профессиональных участников рынка ценных бумаг

Professional participants of the securities market

It is not difficult to become a securities market participant nowadays. We explained how to become a rightful participant of exchange trades in the following articles: How to become a trader from scratch. Interview with a professional trader; How to become an intraday trader: three steps for a beginner; 5 failures and 5 successes. 3 […]

Биржевой и внебиржевой рынки ценных бумаг

Exchange and off-exchange securities markets

In this article we will speak about the exchange and off-exchange markets: What the differences are? What specific features are? How and what they trade? Examples. We will start from an interesting fact. Everyone knows about the American exchange called NASDAQ. Namely there they trade stocks of companies such as Amazon and Apple. However, not […]

Фондовые индексы для начинающих

Stock indices for beginners

Trading futures on S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, DAX and RTS indices is very popular. For example, only in one market E-mini ES is traded from 1 to 3 million contracts during one session. No wonder that CME introduced micro-contract trading with a very low entry threshold on the wave of popularity of futures on […]

Organizational structure of the exchange

Organizational structure of the exchange

We already wrote about principles of the financial exchange. We will consider this subject in more detail today. We will speak about the stock exchange structure concept in this information article for beginners: what a stock exchange is; its functions; interesting facts and the history of the establishment of exchanges in the world; organizational structure […]

What a margin is

What a margin is?

What is a margin? This term is rather frequently used in economics, commerce and trading, but it means something different in each case. That is why, in order to avoid confusion and mess, this article explains all meanings of the term margin.

The magic of round numbers. What a trader should know

The magic of round numbers

From time to time we acquaint you with interesting analytical articles of foreign authors. Earlier we published a study of Jan Firich about breakouts of the initial balance and today we will discuss the meaning of round numbers in trading with currency pairs and futures. This article is based on materials of Carol Osler, a […]

Trading for beginners. First steps on the exchange.

Trading for beginners. First steps on the exchange.

“You can be a free man. You can live and work anywhere in the world, be independent from routine and not answer to anybody. This is the life of a successful trader. Many aspire to it but few succeed” (Alexander Elder)

The Auction Market Theory. The most important things you should know

The Auction Market Theory. The most important things

The market profile trading becomes more and more popular among traders nowadays. The Auction Market Theory (AMT) lies in the basis of the market profile. We already discussed the market profile subject when we wrote about horizontal volumes and about how to improve trading using the market profile. Let’s continue elaboration of this subject.

Волатильные фьючерсы. Что это такое и как тут заработать?

Volatile futures. What is it and how to make money from it?

Volatility… Futures… Strange and a bit intimidating words for a beginner in financial markets. But, in fact, everything is simple. We already wrote about futures for beginners in detail. Now, let’s find out what volatility is. Read in this article: about volatility in simple words; how to measure volatility; indicators; how to address volatility in […]