Облигации. Основные понятия

Bonds. Basic concepts

In this review article, we will briefly describe the basic concepts, a trader should know about bonds. Read in this article: what bonds are; what forms and types of bonds are; bond properties; pros and cons of bond trading.

HFT or High-Frequency Trading

HFT or High-Frequency Trading

In this article we will speak about High-Frequency Trading (HFT): what is considered to be HFT; studies of HFT; HFT influence on liquidity; quoting of financial instruments; HFT influence on volatility. There is a lot of information on the Internet about HFT influence on financial markets and instruments. It has a lot of empty talk […]

Маркет-мейкеры. Правда и мифы

Market makers. Truth and myths

Many of you have heard that there are market makers on the exchange. This is true. However, this term is under the cloak of wild guesses and conspiracy. So, what is the truth and what is the myth? In this article we will try to objectively analyze – who the market maker on the exchange […]

Полезные ресурсы для трейдеров, торгующих валютные пары, акции и фьючерсы.

Useful resources for traders

In this article, we will review useful resources, which will be of service when trading stocks and futures. They will serve as a source of data when planning the trading, studying the market and in everyday activity. First, let’s put the existing types of resources in order: Information resources. News resources. Statistical resources. Analytical resources. […]


Did you know that trading is a probability game?

Trading is a probability game. Every successful trader knows that any trade he executes may bring either profit or loss. In order to assess a statistical advantage of a trading strategy, it is necessary to execute a large number of trades. That is why, it takes a lot of time to understand how efficient your […]

Expiration of futures – 3 things you should know

Footprint: how to stop chasing the price

ETF. What an Exchange Traded Fund is?

ETF. What an Exchange Traded Fund is?

ETF is an interesting instrument of passive investing which emerged relatively recently. We will discuss in this article what a novice should know about ETF. In this article: What ETF is? Types of ETF. Specific features of trading. Differences from UIF (Unit Investment Fund). Advantages and disadvantages. How to buy an ETF?

Top-6 most unusual futures

Top-6 most unusual futures

The original idea of using futures contracts was in helping farmers to be insured from unfavourable fluctuations of prices on primary products. As of now, the industry significantly expanded and includes a lot more players. Futures contracts allow their holders to buy or sell a physical asset or trading instrument on a specified date at […]