CME Group. The highest trading league. Everything you need to know about Chicago exchanges

CME Group. The highest trading league.

Trader’s glossary

Trader’s glossary

Every professional environment has its own ‘special words’, which are clear only to those who act in this environment for a long time. Trading is not an exception. That is why we developed this trader’s glossary to help beginners. It contains basic terminology of traders who trade stocks in the stock market. We also added […]

6 видов трейдинга. Преимущества и недостатки

6 types of trading. Advantages and disadvantages.

There are very many types of trading: high-frequency trading, scalping, day trading, swing trading, middle-term trading and long-term investing. Which one to select? The answer will become clear after we will see what each of the trading type is like. Read in this article: – Types of trading. – Differences. – Advantages and disadvantages. – […]

Полезные ресурсы для трейдеров, торгующих валютные пары, акции и фьючерсы.

Useful resources for traders

In this article, we will review useful resources, which will be of service when trading stocks and futures. They will serve as a source of data when planning the trading, studying the market and in everyday activity. First, let’s put the existing types of resources in order: Information resources. News resources. Statistical resources. Analytical resources. […]

Which indicator fits best of all for an entry

Which indicator fits best of all for an entry?

Let’s frankly admit that there is no ideal indicator for an entry into an exchange trade. If it were, there wouldn’t be hundreds and thousands of other indicators for an entry. To have a stable profitability each trader should have: Trading system. Properly studied instruments. Capital management rules. The indicators you comfortably work with belong […]

Unfinished auction. What it is and how to trade it

Unfinished auction. What it is and how to trade it.

Unfinished auction is not a very popular term. You cannot find much about it in the Forex textbooks for beginners. Traders develop and learn about the unfinished auction only after gaining some experience and knowledge on a real exchange. This article will tell you about the theory and practice of the unfinished market auction. We […]



We will discuss the basics of the topic in this article. This information may be well-known to some readers. But if you’ve got acquainted with ATAS recently only, this article will help you to figure out what to start from. Can you forecast the weather by clouds, pressure, and air humidity for a week? Or […]

What should you know when reading stock and futures price quotes?

A simple method to read stock price quotes with the clusters

It is difficult to imagine trading without price charts and running price quotes, isn’t it? Just to think that there were no charts, we are used to today, a century ago and they used chalk, board and telegraph, through which the price change data was broadcast from the exchange, to register the price. A famous […]