The optimism indicator goes off scale. Should we expect a sharp fall of markets? Front-page events in brief.

How Do the Large Cap Companies Get Over a Crisis

Analysing Apple, Amazon and Microsoft reports and also important news from JP Morgan. What does the future hold for the markets in future?

The world financial markets shudder again. Wednesday was the crash peak, when the S&P 500 index lost the record-breaking for several months 3.5%. The crash was caused by a combination of unfavourable events. Meanwhile, the largest corporations, led by Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, published their quarterly reports. Is it time to buy cheap stocks? Topics […]

PayPal Boosted Bitcoin to the Moon

PayPal Boosted Bitcoin to the Moon

Nervousness is growing in the US stock market. Democrats and Republicans cannot reach an agreement with respect to the economy saving package. Instead, Bitcoin feels itself excellent. It set a new price record not without PayPal’s help. It goes without saying that investors monitor the corporate reporting season with special attention. Quarterly reports of Tesla […]

Profitable Trading on News

Profitable trading on news. Everything you need to know: strategies, risks and planning. Chart examples.

We have many useful articles in our blog on different subjects connected with trading: Earlier, we published articles about indicators: Big Trades, Speed of Tape, Cluster Search, CCI, RSI, MACD, Imbalances and Fibonacci Levels. Articles about trading strategies: How to trade by VSA, Top 5 strategies of trading by volume, Forex strategies against ATAS instruments, […]

What influences the currency exchange rate fluctuations In simple words about global factors

What influences the currency exchange rate fluctuations? In simple words about global factors

Trump vs Biden: three scenarios of the stock market development after the election

FRS sends important signals. Trump blocks the economy ‘saving’. Anti-monopolists want to split Google, Facebook and…

Trump got a coronavirus infection! Presidential elections in the US take an unexpected turn. How do markets react?

The presidential election campaign in the US approached its final stage, which added volatility to trades in the majority of markets. The news was published on October 2 that President Trump got coronavirus infection, which absolutely confused the pre-election situation and crashed the American index futures. The week had other interesting events apart from the […]