Skyrocketing of Bezos, Musk and altcoins. Which bubble bursts first?

Skyrocketing of Bezos and Musk. Which bubble bursts first?

Optimists in the world markets again turned out to be stronger past week. Support to bulls in the US stocks came from China, which poured in a significant amount of currency. The most charismatic moneybags of our time reap the harvest of the fast growth of their companies not without satisfaction. Elon Musk poses, elegantly […]

How to Rescue from the Crisis? Facebook Stands for the Free Speech and Other Weekly News

Facebook Stands for the Free Speech and Other Weekly News

Investor’s life isn’t easy. An investor always has to make decisions under conditions of high uncertainty. The past week didn’t grant a respite. On the one hand, the second wave of coronavirus covers the world, on the other, the economic recovery has so high rates that even optimists are surprised. Read in our review what […]

Front-page weekly events: economic surprises, powerful market retracement, Tesla stock skyrocketed

Front-page weekly events: economic surprises

The past week has been interesting for a number of reasons in the world markets. Of course, the main economic sensation was the US labour market statistics, which surprised even optimists. However, the positive development didn’t last long. The US FRS forecast on Wednesday sent an important signal to the players – the crisis is […]