How to avoid stress in trading?

Get rid of the stress when trading in the financial markets

You feel the adrenaline all over your body when you execute a trade. You are almost sure that this time you’d make money. However, a wave of uncertainty engulfs you a bit later and everything inside you shrinks from discomfort. Am I in a hurry? Am I late? How can I be sure that I will not make a loss this time? I do not know what to do! Stop it. Don’t you think this should continue during your whole trading career?

One of the most stressful situations a trader faces is a position opening. This decision is made under stressful conditions which increases the probability of a mistake. It’s a pity there is no way to get rid of the stress when making trading decisions. But, maybe, there is a way.

In this article:

  • What creates signals to open a trade?
  • How to quickly identify the market entry points?
  • The first step to become a pro trader.

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What creates signals to open a trade?

It is rather difficult to press the buy or sell button if your mouth is dry and knees tremble in fear to make a mistake again opening a position by the signals of the lagging indicators. Financial markets are able to move faster than a 4-inch clay pigeon for target shooting which flying speed is 80 km/h. If your finger is not on a trigger at the right moment, you can miss your best shot. But how can a retail trader identify this moment? It is possible to do it if you receive the same market data, which institutional players do, in real time. The market information immediately received through Internet changed the conditions of trading in the financial markets in favour of retail traders.

Successful traders do not need signals of the lagging indicators, which are calculated on the basis of the past values of the price. They need more since efficient trading assumes a trader’s understanding of what is going on in the market at this very moment and what would, most probably, take place on the basis of these new data. Efficient entry points should be identified beforehand that is why you will not be able to quickly react to ever-changing market conditions without access to real-time market information.

Since you are responsible for profitable trading in the financial markets you need to reduce the level of stress from an executed trade and, consequently, the probability of making a mistake. But how to do it? Let the major capital give you a hint when you should enter the game.

How to quickly identify the market entry points?

Start to monitor and analyze the actions of institutional players in the real-time mode rather than stay in the grip of stress caused by their market actions, since you know for sure that the market environment is within the power of their major capital. You also know for sure that institutional players strive to buy or sell one or another asset within certain price areas repeatedly coming back to them. Namely these areas would be our reference points for executing trades.

You can use these reference points, made by major orders of institutional players in the past, as trading signals for your trades in the future. Only when your trades are ‘supported’ by the major capital, you will be able to trade successfully in the financial market rather than tremble with fear.

The training video of the OrderFlowTrading company, which you can watch below, considers a very interesting (for many traders) subject of building support and resistance levels. The majority of traders look for the levels or areas, from which the price potentially could reverse. And what if these levels are built automatically without your participation and the only thing you need to do is to use these places for the search for points of entry into or exit from the market? Interested? Then watch the video.

Institutional players buy or sell one or another asset several times in the same price areas creating powerful signals for retail traders who use the trading and analytical ATAS platform analysis instruments. Figuratively speaking, institutional players light up a bright neon sign for you through executing big trades, which tells you that they are interested in a certain price range and that is why they plan to come back to it later again. The orders of major players, which, at some point, stressed you out, may now relieve you of it.

The first step to become a pro trader

Your success in trading depends on a place in the chart of the trading financial instrument in which you open a trade. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to invent the wheel again and again sorting out thousands and dozens of thousands of lagging indicators. Do not waste time receiving a stress from trading instead of profit.

You should think and analyze the market, like institutional players do, being aware of the fact that the volume is in the basis of the price movement. Professional traders use the ATAS platform instruments of the advanced volume analysis of the market. Join them! Make the first step to the professional trading in the financial markets – download the ATAS platform free of charge using the link at the beginning of the article. Happy trading!

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