VSA и кластерный анализ. Паттерны шейкаут и аптраст.

VSA and cluster analysis. Shakeout and upthrust patterns.

This is yet another article on VSA and cluster analysis. Earlier we spoke about: Bag Holding and End of Rising market patterns; No Demand and No Supply patterns; Buying and selling climax patterns.

Реально ли зарабатывать на жизнь торговлей акциями?

Is it realistic to make a living trading stock?

Is it realistic to make a living trading stock? The answer is definitely yes! The only question is – how? Well, there is nothing impossible. In this article:

Oil futures market analysis

The oil futures market is one of the most significant world markets. The instrument volatility is explained by many influence factors – politics, industrial growth, ecology and others. The news analysis would, most probably, lead a beginner trader astray. What to do if you do not want to lose an opportunity and it is not […]

analysis of a gold futures.

Gold price analysis using volume indicators

“Without a doubt, more people follow the price of gold than any other commodity in the world” Larry Williams

Is it possible to learn how to trade starting from scratch?

Is it possible to learn how to trade starting from scratch?

“A person who can play the second fiddle could be a trader, but good students cannot play the second fiddle: you have to set a clear task to them” Nassim Taleb Unfortunately, the most sincere answer to the question “is it possible to learn trading from the scratch fast” is “no”. However, if we remove […]

Was sind Bid, Ask und Spread an der Börse?

Bid, ask and spread in trading

Let us start from a puzzle: Ask and Bid made a flight on a bee, Ask dropped when the bee suddenly stopped Bid fell onto grass, can’t be seen by none of us Guess what’s left on the bee when it sat? You are right, it’s a brave lovely …!

Tactics of using Footprint

How to use footprint on the exchange to find the entry level.

“Little goes a long way” is a well-known saying. This article is little, but it contains practical value for those who want to increase efficiency of their market analysis with the help of Footprint.

How the order book works.

How the order book works. A BitMEX example with explanations

In this article we will speak about a very interesting subject – interaction between the Time and Sales Tape and market depth (order book). To do that we will use an example of the XBTUSD cryptocurrency pair behavior in the ATAS Crypto platform. A highly volatile XBTUSD futures is traded on the Bitmex exchange and […]

End of Rising Market и Bag Holding

VSA and cluster analysis. The End of Rising Market

This is the first article in the series of publications in the Orderflowtrading blog on the VSA and cluster analysis topic. What is VSA? VSA – Volume Spread Analysis – is a universal approach to assessment of the strength and weakness of the market on the basis of analysis of the price and volume action. […]