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CME Group. The highest trading league.


This article is mostly for those traders who have just started to study trading by cluster charts. A beginner should develop own understanding of how to read footprint correctly. We speak here both about training of visual perception, that is, how to find necessary information in the chart, and about training of analytical skills in […]

How a big position is accumulated

How a big position is accumulated

To catch a major player, you need to think like a major player. In this article, we will try to put ourselves in the shoes of the manager of a big capital, so that we could read the chart better being a regular trader. It is not difficult to notice a splash of volume in […]

Как прибыльно, торговать используя графики Footprint?

How to trade profitably using Footprint charts

Footprint charts appeared about 20 years ago, however, there’s still little information on this trading subject on the Internet. And there are no printed books at all, although Footprint is an efficient and modern instrument. ATAS has 25 variants of cluster charts. They show the number of bids and asks, number of seconds and trades […]