5 protective strategies for a trader

Top 5 protective strategies for the trader

Traders and investors come to financial markets with the desire to make money. That is why it is natural that they have only one motive in mind: PROFIT.

However, as the practice shows, it is early to think about profit when you’ve just started to trade on the exchange. You should start with thinking about LOSSES. In this article, we are going to speak about how to protect your account.

Read in the article:

  • Why does a trader or investor need trading strategies?
  • Protective strategy 1: algorithm of a trading system and capital and risk management.
  • Protective strategy 2: a test on history.
  • Protective strategy 3: a demo account.
  • Protective strategy 4: diversification and several trading approaches.
  • Protective strategy 5: hedging and several trading instruments.
  • Conclusions. What to do in practice?

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