Analysis of COT indicators in the ATAS platform charts

New indicators! View COT report data directly on charts

Starting from version three indicators for working with COT reports were added to the trading and analytical ATAS platform: COT Open Interest. COT Net Positions. COT Index. See display examples in the GBP futures (6B) chart below.

How to find strong intraday levels and how to trade them?

This article raises the issue of the significance of dynamic trading systems, which independently adapt to the market. How to develop them? We will try to demonstrate it with the use of 2 indicators. The Dynamic Levels indicator will find strong dynamic intraday levels, while the Cluster Search indicator will show traps for sellers and […]

Looking for significant levels with the Graduated Volume

Differences between the Cluster Search and Big Trades indicators. Detailed analysis with 4 examples2

Differences between Cluster Search and Big Trades indicators

The Cluster Search and Big Trades indicators are important instruments from the ATAS platform. They can be very useful to the financial market participants who apply various trading styles. This article has been written in order to help traders to use the Cluster Search and Big Trades indicators correctly. Read in this article: Specific features […]