Как настроить графики Reversal для поиска разворот рынка?

How to Set Reversal Charts for Finding the Market Reversal?

ATAS has 14 chart types – from standard time charts to tailor made range charts. We will speak about Reversal Charts in this article.

How to use the Moving Average indicator?

How to use the Moving Average indicator?

Как работают графики футпринт. Режимы футпринт, и для чего они нужны

How Footprint charts work. Footprint modes and what they are for

Traders used to apply only the fundamental and technical analysis in the 20th century. They didn’t see what took place inside the candles. The cluster analysis or Footprint emerged in the 2000s. In this article for beginners we will analyze: what the Footprint is; how the Footprint works; how it can help to achieve a […]

DOM Trading. Торгуйте как проп-компания

DOM trading. Trade like a prop company

Volume Profile. Как работает индикатор профиля объема в ATAS?

Volume Profile. How the Volume Profile indicator works in ATAS

ATAS always tries to improve in order to provide the maximum of convenient and useful instruments for analysis and trading. An important and useful indicator – Market Profile – has been updated recently in the platform functionality. This article is a review of capabilities of the Market Profile in the form it has been available […]