5 luchshih instrumentov

5 best ATAS instruments for searching for ‘managed money’

A big number of articles about trading is devoted to the subject of how to track actions of the ‘managed money’. We also wrote many times about it in our blog (for example, Catching major players in the act of doing). Despite this fact, the interest in the subject of searching for major players is […]

How to easily build significant levels with the help of the All Prices module. A step-by-step guide with chart examples

How to build significant levels with the All Prices module

Bollinger Bands. BBands indicator

We start a series of articles about technical indicators. In this article, we will tell you about Bollinger Bands. They are better known as the Bollinger Bands indicator or just BBands.

Как настроить графики Reversal для поиска разворот рынка?

How to Set Reversal Charts for Finding the Market Reversal?

ATAS has 14 chart types – from standard time charts to tailor made range charts. We will speak about Reversal Charts in this article.