Review of functions and charts in the ATAS

Review of functions and advantages of charts in the ATAS platform

We will speak about charts in the second article of the ‘Gettings acquainted with ATAS’ series. Most probably, charts are available in every exchange trading platform (you cannot trade without them nowadays), but ATAS has a number of very interesting and unique charts.

  1. How to open a chart in the ATAS platform
  2. The Chart module menu
  3. Choosing and setting up the chart period and type
  4. Drawing objects
  5. Indicators, templates and trading functions
  6. Scale changing
  7. Linking to the Tape
  8. Screenshots, cloning and layouts
  9. Navigator
  10. Layouts
  11. The chart settings

Information in the text part of the article correlates with the video content. The choice is yours: whether to use the text part in order to master the platform functionality better or go to the next article with the video below.

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To try ATAS free of charge

Vladislav Shevchenko, a trader, demonstrates in this video the powerful arsenal of the ATAS functionality for working with charts.