What is delta?

Delta and Cumulative Delta: how could they help a day trader?

The Delta term was introduced into trading in 2002 when the revolutionary Footprint chart was developed. Overall distribution of information technologies and the Internet, which also affected the trading sphere, served as an impulse for it. Namely at that time access to the data about real trading volumes on the exchange ceased to be a […]

Trading by levels with the Big Trades, Stacked Imbalance and Speed of Tape indicators

Trading by levels with three ATAS indicators

Everything you need to know about profitable trading is 3 levels: the position entry level, the exit level (the goal, take profit) and the possible loss limitation level (the protective stop loss). We already wrote about how to look for the levels for trading with the help of the Market Profile indicator. In this article […]

Unfinished auction. What it is and how to trade it

Unfinished auction. What it is and how to trade it.

Unfinished auction is not a very popular term. You cannot find much about it in the Forex textbooks for beginners. Traders develop and learn about the unfinished auction only after gaining some experience and knowledge on a real exchange. This article will tell you about the theory and practice of the unfinished market auction. We […]

Как улучшить торговлю по профилю рынка

How to improve trading using the Market Profile in ATAS

Market Profile is a professional instrument for analysis of trading volumes on the exchange. If you are new to this subject, we recommend you to read the article on basics of the Market Profile. More advanced information goes below. We assume that you know already what Value Area (VA), Point Of Control (POC) and Initial […]

Стратегии Форекс против инструментов ATAS

Forex strategies versus ATAS instruments.

We conducted an experiment in the recent article about improvement of Forex trading strategies. We looked for methods of increasing efficiency of standard strategies for trading currencies and made optimistic conclusions. Today we continue our study in order to confirm previous conclusions. We aim at helping Forex traders to be more advanced and possess modern […]

What should you know when reading stock and futures price quotes?

A simple method to read stock price quotes with the clusters

It is difficult to imagine trading without price charts and running price quotes, isn’t it? Just to think that there were no charts, we are used to today, a century ago and they used chalk, board and telegraph, through which the price change data was broadcast from the exchange, to register the price. A famous […]

How to use the Weis Wave Indicator.

How to analyze “Weis waves” with ruler and delta indicator

After publication of the article about trading with the Weis Wave Indicator, we noticed your interest in this definitely engaging subject. That is why we decided to analyze some more relevant charts, which can be of interest to you.

4 useful tricks of the Big Trades Indicator

4 useful tricks of the Big Trades Indicator

The Big Trades Indicator is an indicator of volume analysis of the current market situation, which finds big trades and shows them in a chart – at what levels, with what volume and in what direction of a trade. You might say: “Big trades manifest themselves by splashes on a standard volume indicator”. It is […]

How to use the Weis Waves Indicator

How to use the Weis Waves indicator in ATAS

“Buying waves are followed by selling waves in a seesaw battle until one side gains the upper hand”. David H. Weis Weis Waves is one of a number of indicators of the trading and analytical ATAS platform. Download ATAS, press CTRL+I  and the indicator window will open. Weis Waves Indicator is somewhere in the end […]