Bollinger Bands. BBands indicator

We start a series of articles about technical indicators. In this article, we will tell you about Bollinger Bands. They are better known as the Bollinger Bands indicator or just BBands.

Можно ли совместить индикатор MACD с объемным анализом?

How to combine the MACD indicator with volume analysis

Read in this article: about the indicator developer; what the MACD indicator shows; MACD signals; description and application of the MACD indicator.

Volume Profile. Как работает индикатор профиля объема в ATAS?

How the Volume Profile indicator works in ATAS

ATAS always tries to improve in order to provide the maximum of convenient and useful instruments for analysis and trading. An important and useful indicator – Market Profile – has been updated recently in the platform functionality. This article is a review of capabilities of the Market Profile in the form it has been available […]