What is delta?

Delta and Cumulative Delta: how could they help a day trader?

The Delta term was introduced into trading in 2002 when the revolutionary Footprint chart was developed. Overall distribution of information technologies and the Internet, which also affected the trading sphere, served as an impulse for it. Namely at that time access to the data about real trading volumes on the exchange ceased to be a […]

Why to use range bars in trading?

How are range bars useful in trading?

It is useful even for experienced traders to check efficiency of different methods of trading in the Forex, futures or stock market from time to time. It would help them not only to develop professionally, learning something new about the market every time, but also to find such methods of trading, which produce the biggest […]

Types of frames in the atas platform and their application. Part 2.

Types of frames in the ATAS platform. Part 2.

Types of frames in the atas platform and their application. Part 1

Types of frameworks in the atas platform and how to apply them

Traditional price charts (timeframes) use fixed time periods. Is it the only reasonable way to build charts? Should we consider charts that ignore the course of time? In this article, we will consider some alternative types of frames of the ATAS platform. Charts, represented by these frames, are built on the basis of volume and […]

Trading by levels with the Big Trades, Stacked Imbalance and Speed of Tape indicators

Trading by levels with three ATAS indicators

Everything you need to know about profitable trading is 3 levels: the position entry level, the exit level (the goal, take profit) and the possible loss limitation level (the protective stop loss). We already wrote about how to look for the levels for trading with the help of the Market Profile indicator. In this article […]

Unfinished auction. What it is and how to trade it

Unfinished auction. What it is and how to trade it.

Unfinished auction is not a very popular term. You cannot find much about it in the Forex textbooks for beginners. Traders develop and learn about the unfinished auction only after gaining some experience and knowledge on a real exchange. This article will tell you about the theory and practice of the unfinished market auction. We […]



We will discuss the basics of the topic in this article. This information may be well-known to some readers. But if you’ve got acquainted with ATAS recently only, this article will help you to figure out what to start from. Can you forecast the weather by clouds, pressure, and air humidity for a week? Or […]

“Стакан цен”. Как торговать

How to trade using Smart DOM. ATAS lifehacks.

Do you agree that you can endlessly watch three things: how the fire burns, how the water runs and how another person works? Do not believe in restrictions: you also can endlessly watch how orders are changed in the order book. In this article we will focus on methods of making profit with the help […]

Как улучшить торговлю по профилю рынка

How to improve trading using the Market Profile in ATAS

Market Profile is a professional instrument for analysis of trading volumes on the exchange. If you are new to this subject, we recommend you to read the article on basics of the Market Profile. More advanced information goes below. We assume that you know already what Value Area (VA), Point Of Control (POC) and Initial […]