Do you tend to become a competent and completely independent trader? Do you want to trade on the exchange and understand what you are doing? Are you one of those impatient and lazy people who believe that everything happens with a wave of a magic wand? Do you think that everything you need is to […]

Gold futures: 5 things you should know. Part 1

Although people cannot eat gold, it attracts them as a magnet since the dawn of time. It is a universal metal in its essence. Gold was used in the monetary circulation even in the previous century, since the coins made of it didn’t become rusty. Gold is widely used as an industrial material today, one […]

Studying trading: 4 secrets of personal efficiency

How many hours a day do you devote to study trading? We mean study of the volume analysis, price structures, charts and any other information, which is required for trading. You didn’t notice how the time passed by but you didn’t manage to learn much, did you? Then this article is for you! When it […]

How did the algorithmic trading influence the futures market? Part 2

Dear friends! As we promised, we publish the second part of the article about the influence of algorithmic trading and HFT on the futures market. Today we will consider 4 important rules, which a retail trader should observe in the era of trading algorithms, and recommendations of one famous trader. In this article: Survival in […]

Soybean futures: 6 things you should know. Part 1

Soybeans are oil crop and not grain crop, used, first of all, for producing oil which is contained in its beans. Soybean futures are among the most popular contracts in the commodity futures market. Soybean trading has an international character and the product itself is highly valued in Asia as a natural food. There is […]

Corn futures: 7 important things you should know. Part 1

Trading corn futures attracts many traders who are interested in the grain market. Corn futures practically do not differ from other grain futures, since the factors that influence the grain crop market in general are practically the same. However, if we look deeper, we can detect several factors, which distinguish corn futures from other agricultural […]

Corn futures: 7 important things you should know. Part 2

Dear friends! Today we will continue to speak about seven main factors that influence the corn futures prices (you can read the first part of the article here). These highly liquid derivatives are actively traded on the world exchanges and attract many traders. We hope that this review will be useful for you.

Nasdaq-100 index futures: 5 things you should know. Part 1

Nasdaq-100 index futures belong to the category of index futures contracts, offered by the CME Group. These are the most popular index futures in the market. They are presented by various types of contracts, the first place among which in trading volumes and popularity is taken by E-mini Nasdaq-100 index futures contracts. E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures […]