Risk-reward ratio and win-rate how to use these indicators correctly

Risk-reward ratio and win-rate: how to use these indicators

Derive benefits from every executed trade. Find a balance between the indicator of profitable trades and relation between the risk and yield. If you are an intraday trader, do not aim only at a big number of profitable trades but also at their quality. It might seem that if you execute 70% of profitable trades, […]

How to earn with minimal capital? Looking for an Investor

Take profit: what it is, how to calculate and post it

A Trading Edge on the exchange. What it consists of and how to identify it. 7 practical recommendations

A Trading Edge on the exchange

Лучший метод управления капиталом: консервативный vs агрессивный?

Capital management

Beginner traders often neglect capital management. It is a big mistake. They are more often interested in ‘when to enter into the market’ and less often ‘when to exit from the market’. In other words, the trading system rules are in the first place. More experienced traders start to pay due attention to risk management […]

How to select stocks in the premarket. Finding markets that enter the active trend phase. Chart examples with description

How to select stocks in the premarket. Finding the trends

“A trader is only as good as the stocks that he trades”. Mike Bellafiore Mike Bellafiore is one of the founders of a proprietary trading firm (what proprietary trading is) in New York. For more than 15 years he teaches traders how to select instruments for trading in order to increase their chances for success. […]

Top 5 books on investing

Top 5 books on investing

History always repeats itself and the financial market is not an exception, but a part of the rule. Great ascents of traders, distinguished companies and whole markets take place for the same reasons as it was 100 years back. The same is true for great crashes. If you study the experience of distinguished traders and […]