Delta chart & Volume clusters for trading by the trend

What a Short Squeeze is or how the invisible market hand squeezes money from shortists. Descriptions, examples and recommendations

What a Short Squeeze and how shortists lose money.

Short Squeeze is not a very popular phrase in the trader’s glossary, it is mostly used by more experienced market participants. We will speak in this article about: what a Short Squeeze is; how to identify it; why a Short Squeeze is important; how to use it in making trading decisions. We will also provide […]

Лайфхаки и стратегии для торговли во флэте

Lifehacks and flat trading strategies

Flat on the exchange is a widespread phenomenon and is characterised by small market volatility. It is believed that more than a half of its time the price stays in flat, because the trend stages develop faster than flat stages. We will speak in this article about: what flat is; how to trade it; why […]

5 simple and working reversal patterns